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Some Highly Recommended Automation and Studio Software

Here are some of the programs that can help you make a 24/7 radio station a reality with limited man power and funds!  Some of these titles can literally run your sation for you in your absence!  Some are cheap, some are down right expensive, and some are FREE FOR DOWNLOAD!  This page provides links and reviews of such software! 





 Ots DJ - An effective (and expensive) piece of software which literally automates your radio station.  This package schedules your music, commercials, jingles, programs, etc at timed intervals pre-detrmined by you and does it well 24 hours a day.  A very reliable piece of software, but it better be at the price of $299.95 for the Narrowcaster version and $999.95 for the full radio station version.  Get yours at  I have downloaded and tried out the demo, and I must say that I am impressed.  Many top commercial stations use this very system!





 Raduga - Another effective (and less expensive) automated radio solution.  Like the above OTS DJ, it literally puts your staion on autopilot 24/7.  Basic editon is $149.99 and full automation edition (recommended) is $449.99.  I have tried out their demo, and it is an easy and streight forward program to use!  Get yours at 



BPM Studio


 BPM Studio - A good studio program for mixing from one track (or playlist) to another and sub-automating your station under minimal supervision.  BPM's downfall is that it does not employ true "automation" of your station.  Bottom line, unless you wish to play non-stop music or other audio files all day, you will need someone there to to "run" the station.  Also, the producer of this software lists the price for this product in Euros instead of dollars.  For a mere 299.99 euros, you too can be the proud owner of this product.  Let me say, with the other options available on the market, I have opted out on this one! Sorry BPM!  At least I gave them an honorable mention.



 AllDay DJ


  AllDay DJ - Yes, finally an absolutely FREE radio station automation program that is quite streight forward and easy to use!  Schedules music playlists, commercials, announcements and more, and the price is right too!  Great for small neighborhood and church stations which are just getting started.  Try it for FREE and if you don't like it, you will at least have some time to save up your money for a copy of OTS DJ!  Download your AllDay DJ FREE at and be amazed at what you can get for nothing!





 Winkochan - An excellent piece of studio mixing software with a reasonably priced new retail version, as well as a decent and powerful FREE predecessor version which is also fully functional!  The only problem with the FREE version is that the controls are labled in a foreign language.  Thankfully, this is not difficult to get past.  A great program for airing your playlists, but not for full automation.  I do enjoy using the free version to mix commercials and messages with, but would not be willing to pay for the current retail version as the FREE version does what I need it to do.  Judge for yourself!



Ubuntu Studio


 Ubuntu Studio - Ubuntu Linux, a completely new OS for your studio computer which contains many valuable mixing and encoding open source titles for your everyday studio production needs.  Not necessarily for automation, but for in studio production.  The best part is, you guessed it, it is absolutely FREE.  Give this a try!  I am glad that I did, thanks to the recommendation of one of our distinguished guests to this website!